Hello :) I'm Tara. I found you through rag and bone's or verybadhorse's journal.

I liked your icon and user name so I traveled here to check you out.
Your journal sounds like it would be amazing to read. Boys with prominent noses <3 I'm also insanely private and selective about my readers as well. I havent ventured into the new friend realm literally in years.

THEN I saw your name is Savannah. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Such a gorgeous name. I work in a daycare and we just had a new baby come into our classroom and her name is Savannah. Savannah banana.

SO if you like. Lets be friends. This sounds so fruity at 9 am but SO be it.
Hello! I'm Ciel (or Tamara, if you'd prefer; I just tend to go under my old French class alias online) and I found you through a livejournal school search. I'll be going to Berry next year, and I was curious to see if anyone there actually used livejournal. Though you obviously don't attend Berry anymore, your username was lovely, and I'm always up for checking out new writing!

I'll understand if you're apprehensive, as your journal is apparently quite private, but I'd very much appreciate it if you'd add me. :]
hi. i found you through verybadhorse. you intrigue me and you know the names of flowers, which is something i have always wanted to learn.

recently i have been livejournal-shy, but under braver circumstances i update once a week or more. i'd love to be lj friends, if that sounds good to you too. :)


I've been stalking you quite heartily since I read Manhattan Love Story on FP when I was a wee angsty teen in high school. From your author note on FP, I suspect you may be groaning or cringing or banging your head against the wall upon seeing that name, but pah, I say. Pah! If you wrote that when you were 15, then you must be a literary genius by now. Even though you were 15 and every 15-year-old's novel is bound to have flaws, it still managed to move me greatly and helped me with my depression and coming out experience. To this day, I still remember it fondly, and when I fold to nostalgia and crack it open, I still enjoy your prose.

Anyway. Ramble ramble ramble. Long story short: was reminiscing about MLS and thought to myself, "I wonder what she's up to THESE days?" And then I saw the note on your profile, and, well, that's that. I came to peek at your creative genius.

Also because secretly, I have always looked up to you, and I am a bit giddy to even be commenting on your LJ. Excitement! JUBILATION.

I am not crazy, I promise. :) +friend?
Thanks for all the kind words. :) I don't have a lot to say about MLS anymore... I'm really embarrassed by it, but I'm very happy it meant something to you and messages like this are the only reason I haven't erased all evidence of its existence, haha.

Thanks again; added back. :)

It's 2 am and I was reading about the overturned ban on gay marriage here in California and then MLS popped into my head. Suddenly, I got an urge to search for it and I couldn't believe it was still up. I couldn't believe I even remembered fiction press was the site it was published on! It took me a while to remember the title but when I did it was like finding an old forgotten picture.

I don't use this LJ much for anything (or at all), so I'm not asking for friending. I just felt like dropping a sort of 'thank you' note for writing such a lovely story. I hope that makes sense and that I don't sound like a weirdo. =)
I read Manhattan Love Story in fictionpress and I'm curious about your new stories and such.
Please add me ^^;
hi. i just put an open thread in my LJ asking for some new blood for my livejournal, and a mutual friend of ours recommended you. i've added you. if i seem like someone you'd like to read, feel free to do the same.